This is how the Hollywood stars from the 90s and celebrities of nowadays look at the same age

Here are the iconic stars from the 90s and today’s celebrities at the same age

It is needless to say that time passes away very quickly and takes over absolutely everyone and everything, including traditions, fashion, trends and celebrities. There was a tendency in the 1990s that celebrities wanted to look older and wiser than they actually were, whereas now, stars undertake absolutely everything to maintain their youth. Of course, there were radically different trends in the 90s, such as bright makeup and extravagant hairstyles which now may seem weird and unfashionable to us. We decided to compare the celebrities from the 90s and of today and study the differences between their styles. It should be noted that genes of these famous women play a huge role as well.

Collins and Winona Ryder, they both are 47 here.

Katy Bates and Mayim Bialik at the age of 43

Stunning Kidman and Emily Blunt, both are 34.

Melanie Griffith and Amber Heard at the age of 31

Cult Kate Winslet and Margot Robbie being 25

Julia Roberts, the “Pretty Woman” and adorable Selena Gomez at the age of 24

Drew Barrymore and Sirsha Ronan. The stars are 23 here.

Michael Pfeiffer and Chloe Grace Moretz at the age of 22

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Emily Ratajkowski. Both are 22 here.

One of the most iconic women Jolie and Lawrence are 20 here.

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