Actress and singer Hilton at her 40 married for the first time: These are heartwarming photos from their wedding

Here is 40-year-old Hilton getting married for the first time: Wedding photos

The talented actress, popular singer and songwriter as well as influential fashion model has eventually met the love of her life.

The legendary woman’s partner’s name is Carter Reum.

The couple have known each other for already 4 years and since 2018 they had been friends.

Their wedding was kept a secret and her fans didn’t know that the actress was going to get married. The ceremony was held in the ancient mansion in Los Angeles which was owned by the former manager of Google.

Right after the ceremony in the mansion, there was a festive party and carnival. The whole process of the wedding would be included in a popular reality show called Paris in Love. Whereas before it, the woman decided to share the happiest and most touching moments from their wedding with her followers.

Paris changed 10 outfits on her special day and in all of them she looked stunning and admirable. The hall was designed with white and pink colors and flowers. There was a dance floor as well.

Hilton was proposed during her birthday party on the Islands.

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