“As charming as her daughter”: This is how the 72-year-old mother of Jennifer Lopez looks now

Here is what Jennifer Lopez’s gorgeous 72-year-old mother looks like

Lopez always remains in the center of admiration for millions of people and the paparazzi never miss a single chance to capture the world famous woman. Lopez is often noticed in the streets, at cafes and restaurants or while driving her car. Many rush to remark about her age-related changed and flaws such as overweight and imperfect figure. Whereas the celebrity has already got used to it and tries not to react to the criticism at all.

Jennifer has always tried to hide the members of her precious family as she didn’t want their lives to appear in the center of paparazzi’s attention. That’s why seeing her family members is quite a rare occasion. But recently, the woman has shared joint photos of her gorgeous 72-year-old mother greatly surprising the network.

It is needless to say that the mother of Lopez looks much younger and well-groomed providing the answer to the most often asked question, that is how Jennifer looks this much stunning and attractive.

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