Iconic actress of Hollywood Roberts was caught in a swimming suit on the beach

53-year-old Julia Roberts in a swimming suit was criticized for her figure

It is needless to say that time has power upon absolutely everyone who exists in this world. The previously mentioned concerns legendary and world-famous people as well. These days, the 53-year-old celebrity in a swimming suit was caught on the coast during her vacation.

The photos taken by the paparazzi were definitely the proof that the actress is already in the process of getting older and less attractive.

There were many controversial opinions about the Hollywood star. The network users immediately divided into two groups. Some held the opinion that the star still can boast on her beautiful figure. Whereas others criticized the woman for her imperfections.

Some believed that the iconic celebrity stopped taking care of herself and her appearance is no longer in the focus of her attention. But we all should finally understand that the woman is already 53 and has the right to get older.

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