“Time has no power upon her”: Monica Bellucci in an elegant dress with a neckline delighted her fans

Ageless beauty: 57-year-old Bellucci’s recent photo session delighted her fans

It sometimes seems that Bellucci actually forgot how to age and her unreal beauty and femininity are “ageless”. The Italian actress and model recently surprised her fans with her new photos for a magazine proving that time has no power on her and she is getting even better with the passing years.

It hasn’t been once that Monica officially announced that she isn’t going to undergo any plastic surgeries as she totally accepts the aging process. It is worth mentioning that Bellucci is a representative of a popular brand D&G.

Recently, our beloved actress appeared on the cover of a fashion magazine in an elegant dress with beautiful ornament which successfully highlighted the star’s flawless figure and attractive forms.

She wore a delicate makeup with the main accent on her lips. Her fans immediately complimented their beloved artist under the pictures.

A reminder: Bellucci lives in France with her two daughters Currently, the actress actively takes part in several projects and is extremely busy. Despite all this, she does everything possible to provide her children with much attention and constant care.

According to the celebrity, motherhood radically changed her. As she remarks, her pregnancy at the age of 45 has strongly affected her.

It is worth noting that Bellucci has been starring in films for already three decades and isn’t going to stop.  As the talented woman mentions, in her youth she couldn’t even imagine being such a demanded and desirable actress at the age of 57.

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