“Shaved head and unkempt appearance”: This is what Adriano Celentano’s 53-year-old daughter looks like

Celentano’s daughter Rosalinda was criticized for shaved head and unkempt look

It is sad to realize that the iconic legend of the Italian film industry has recently turned 84. How quickly the time actually passes away! The great artist has had three children and lately Adriano’s 53-year-old daughter Rosalinda became the center of everyone’s attention.

Rosalinda decided to follow in her legendary father’s steps, whereas the woman of unusual appearance, according to many network users, will hardly ever become the icon of the film industry.

Celentano’s fans rushed to heavily criticize Rosalinda for her extraordinary appearance, unkempt look and shaved head. Recently, freshly taken photos of the woman appeared in the media and caused criticism towards Rosalinda.

“Looks unkempt”, “I think you disgraces your father”, “She has very beautiful facial features”, “Looks younger than her actual age”, “Such a cool woman”, “Natural”.

“She could have been prettier”.

What do you think?

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