Vincent Cassel was recently caught with his 25-year-old wife during their vacation

After breaking up with Bellucci, Cassel got married a girl 30 years younger than him

Talented and well-known actor Vincent Cassel, after breaking up with his already ex-wife Bellucci, has lately married a pretty and young model T. Kunakey.

The artist enjoys his precious time with his stunning and admirable wife who is 30 years younger than Cassel himself.

Recently, the adorable couple was caught on the coast during their vacation by paparazzi which immediately caused a storm of discussions on the internet. Despite the great difference in age, the spouses look quite good together and definitely complete each other.

“An awesome couple”, “They look good together”, “They surely complete each other”.

But the others rushed to criticize them saying that their difference in age is quite clear and that they neither look good nor suit each other.

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