This girl shared how she lost all her friends and was left lonely because of her appearance

This girl explained how she lost her friends and was left lonely due to her appearance

To become famous and gain popularity is probably the cherished dream of many girls and women. However, not always gorgeous appearance and attractive figure can be on our side.

This beautiful girl shared her story and confessed how she, unluckily, lost all her friends and was left absolutely lonely. Her friends simply started to pretend that she didn’t exist anymore.

Lily explained how beauty can actually play a cruel joke on everyone.

“My friends didn’t like it when people paid too much attention to me, but I really didn’t mean to offend them”.

The blogger confessed that her closest friends stopped inviting her to their events and occasions as they were more than sure that the guests would pay attention only to her. This concerned especially men.

“I couldn’t understand them, but I felt devastated and lonely. I tried to convince them that appearance wasn’t the most important thing in this world.”

Lily realized that a large number of men and boys started to pay attention to her since she turned 18.

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