Jolie’s and Brad Pitt’s awesome twins are already 13: How do they currently live?

This is what Jolie’s and Pitt’s already 13-year-old adorable twins look like

Angelia Jolie’s family always remains the center of everyone’s attention as there are 6 wonderful children there and some of them were actually adopted. Now we would like to discuss the popular actress’s adorable twins who have already turned 13.

Initially, the actress hid the news of her pregnancy and when people eventually knew that Jolie gave birth to awesome twin girls they were really astonished.

Who is the eldest?

The difference in their age is only one minute. Knox was born first, then her wonderful sister Vivienne came to this world. By the way, both of them looked much alike their parents.

What do their middle names actually mean?

The middle name of Vivienne is Marcheline. The girlie was named after Jolie’s mother. What concerns Knox, her middle name is Lion which was Angelina’s great-grandfather.

Where do they study?

Like their elder siblings, the twins also get home education. Apart from elementary subjects, they also learn several foreign languages. The twins lead an active and productive way of life and actively do sports.

They have already taken their first step in the film industry

This is not surprising or unexpected at all, as most children of actors and actresses choose to follow in their parents’ steps in career. Vivienne starred in “Maleficent” with her mother. And Knox voiced one of the characters in “Kung Fu Panda 3”.

The cute twins have already turned 13.

As it is known, Jolie underwent two serious operations in 2013-2015 and the woman became aware of the fact the she couldn’t have babies anymore.

As for the daughter of the former couple, Vivienne started to take an example from Shiloh and Zahara who regularly appear in public in dresses.

After their parents divorced, the children spend most of their time with their precious mother. Angelia is often noticed with her wonderful kids and, as it is clearly seen, they are deeply attached to each other.

Will they follow in their parents’ footsteps? What do you think?


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