The star of the series “Friends” disappointed his fans with his current appearance

Matthew Perry, starring in the series “Friends”, made his fans worry about him

It is rather hard to believe that the first episode of the popular series “Friends” was released more than 25 years ago. It goes without saying that the beloved and talented actors and actresses starring in the sitcom have greatly changed. Some of them still continue pleasingly surprising their fans with their young and stunning appearance, but the others became totally unrecognizable during these years.

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53-year-old Matthew Perry made his fans worry about him during the filming of the cult sitcom. At that time, the famous actor already struggled with drug and alcohol addiction.

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After the rehabilitation, the man managed to overcome the main problem, yet until now he suffers some health problems. In 2018, the actor underwent serious surgery due to perforation of the gastrointestinal tract and in the final result he spent several months in hospital.

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During the last several years, the actor rarely appears in public, but recently paparazzi caught him in the street.

He looked rather awkward and not well-groomed according to his fans.

“Wrinkled clothes, tousled hair, stubble and unkempt nails”.

Many network users are more than sure that the man still has serious problems with his health.

Whereas the appearance of other actors and actresses pleasingly surprised their loyal fans. In 2019, paparazzi met J. Aniston and C. Cox during their vacation on the beach. And in bikinis the celebrities looked absolutely stunning.

Let’s hope Matthew will soon completely recover!


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