Hugh Jackman’s daughter whom he adopted has already turned 16: How she lives

How Ava Eliot Jackman, the adoptive child of Hugh Jackman, now looks

Talented actor Hugh Jackman is adored by thousands of people from all over the world. He is sincerely loved by his loyal fans, directors and producers which is not surprising at all as the actor sings and plays brilliantly, and is also engaged in charity foundations and projects. What is more, Hugh is monogamous. For already 24 years he has been married to his beloved named Deborra-Lee Furness. It is worth mentioning that the love of his life is 13 years older than the man himself, but this fact doesn’t anyhow affect their relationship.

For complete happiness they desired to have a baby but, misfortunately, after two unsuccessful pregnancies, doctors forbade Deborra to have babies because of her poor health and this was a real tragedy for the spouses. Shortly after, they decided to adopt a boy whom they named Oscar and, in a couple of years, a girl named Ava Eliot.

Most interestingly, the spouses are distinguished from other famous families for not hiring nannies and helpers for raising their children. The thing is that the couple had wanted to become parents for so long that they determined to spend all their time with them.

Their relatives have recently noticed that Ava became the most beloved child of her father.

The girl is currently 16 and she, like her father, takes a great interest in dancing. Ava doesn’t like being the center of journalists’ attention and rarely appears in public events.

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