“They actually look like siblings”: This is how Kate Middleton’s mother look

Here are photos proving that Kate Middleton looks much like her mother

Many would agree that the duchess of Cambridge is a real beauty who, despite giving birth to three wonderful children, can still boast about her flawless figure and femininity. She manages to always keep herself fit and healthy. Middleton is also a caring and devoted mother who also does all her responsibilities and duties being a member of the royal family.

She has very beautiful legs and thin waist and we all know that her desirable figure is the result of sport activities. But we shouldn’t forget about her genes as well.

Her parents did absolutely everything to raise their daughter in the most proper way and her mother is a brilliant example for Kate.

Carole Middleton, despite her age, looks absolutely gorgeous and elegant.

She is an heir of Edward IV generation that’s why it wasn’t really hard for her to fit in the royal family.

Let’s compare Carole with her daughter. She is currently in her 60s but even young women can envy her thin and beautiful legs. It is quite logical that Kate inherited her mother’s unearthly beauty and charm.

It is worth mentioning Carole’s and Kate’s sincere and warm smiles.

Due to their generosity and kind-heartedness they are, in fact, closest to the nation.

They both have similar taste and style in clothing.

They usually wear pants made of thick fabric when appearing in important events.

Mother and her daughter are really fond of hats and in daily life they prefer to wear dresses with the help of which they highlight their stunning bodies.

They actually look like siblings, rather than a mother and a daughter.


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