Beautiful celebrities in their 40s and 50s who still look mind-blowing and gorgeous

These celebrities in their 50s continue to steal hearts still looking stunning

Time, undoubtedly, changes everyone, but these women’s unearthly beauty is, probably, timeless and they go against nature. They look simply gorgeous even without putting any makeup. The secret of their beauty is that they constantly take good care of themselves, sleep well and lead a healthy and productive way of life. A simple look at them is already enough to madly fall in love.

J. Jones (41)

J. Lopez (she is 50)

L. Cox (already 46)

N. Kidman (believe it or not, 51)

H. Berry (her beauty is timeless, 52)

G. Stefani (she is 49)

A. Bassett (unimaginable, but 60)

D. Barrymore (already 44)

S. Hayek (52)

L. Lie (in her 50s)

G. Union (the woman is 46)

S. Bullock (54)

P. Cruz (she is 44)


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