Like ordinary people: The duchess of Cambridge K. Middleton was spotted with her kids during shopping

Kate Middleton with her kids was captured during stationery shopping

Duchess of Cambridge, K. Middleton has always been the center of attention of paparazzi who constantly try to catch the royal family member on their cameras. Despite her royal position, Kate is, first of all, an ordinary woman and wife who can also go shopping, take a walk in a park and enjoy her precious time in nature.

After two months of being on vacation, Kate has recently returned to her royal duties and, as the new academic year started, Kate decided to go shopping with her adorable kids.

Paparazzi managed to capture the woman with her wonderful kids in an ordinary store. Kate was wearing a usual, not luxurious dress which, despite covering her all, highlighted the gorgeous woman’s stunning and flawless figure.

Together with her children, Kate chose some stationery which they would definitely need during their studies and, of course, took her kids’ preferences into consideration as well.

Their fans have noticed that the kids George and Charlotte have already grown up and are almost catching up with their mother in height.

People commented on the heartwarming pictures declaring how nice and well-groomed the duchess looks and highly praised them saying how ordinary their life actually looks.

What do you think of the royal family?

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