This 80-year-old elderly woman’s video about makeup gained million views within a week

Natural look is simply fantastic. But there is nothing shameful or wrong in that we sometimes highlight our beauty to look fresher and more attractive. Cosmetic products are placed a great importance, with the help of which women put on makeup and feel themselves more self-confident.

Despite her age, this 80-year-old elderly woman proved she did makeup even better than the professionals.

Once the video was shared on the Internet, this surprising woman instantly became a new internet star and many people started to admire her talent and experience. The fascinating footage gained more than one million views within a week.

The transformation

First, our heroine cleans her face which is a real must. Afterwards, she puts primer and foundation.

Then she puts lipstick and lip pencil.

Now it is time for brows.

Shadow on the eyelids and see how gorgeous she actually looks.

Now the mascara.

And now the look is complete. The wig and accessories and she is fully ready.

There is no need to say that this elderly woman looks simply amazing and stunning even before putting on makeup whereas after the transformation she becomes even more attractive and beautiful.

What do you think? Did you like her video?

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