41-year-old Spears is now pregnant with her third baby

B. Spears “I am expecting my third baby”

In 2022, April, it became known that a singer Britney Spears is currently expecting her third baby. The talented celebrity also has a feeling that she is going to have twins.

Spears became aware of this wonderful news during her vacation and, according to her, she couldn’t even think that she was actually pregnant again.

She couldn’t understand why she was gaining weight as she had lost some kilos before going on a vacation. The popular singer declares that she isn’t going to go out very often as she doesn’t really want paparazzi to earn money due to the period of her pregnancy.

It is worth mentioning that the popular artist raises two sons – a 16-year-old Shon and 15-year-old James. The sons like spending their time mostly with their beloved father who is his kids’ biggest supporter and protector. Spears is currently in a relationship with a 27-year-old fitness instructor named Sam Asghari. In 2021, the young man proposed the woman to marry him.

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