Julia Roberts: “I am not obsessed with the idea of absolute beauty at any price”

Roberts encourages us to stop trying to correspond to standards of beauty

It is beyond any doubt that Roberts is definitely one of the most successful and graceful actresses in film industry. Under this photo which reveals the talented actress with her niece, people complained how old she now looks and how much she, unfortunately, changed.

Whereas, Roberts didn’t really get offended by the negative comments and reactions explaining that she exactly knows what she wants from life, which is, according to the actress, the most important thing one can achieve.

“I also have a mirror in my house, but I am not really obsessed with the idea of absolute beauty. Someone has once said that until your 40s you dress your life with your face, then you start to wear your life on your face. I am fully satisfied with the life I currently have.”

The actress believes that the standards of beauty accepted by our society actually make us their slaves and clones.

“It is our soul that actually needs most care and attention from us and I officially announce in front of you all that I won’t put on makeup anymore or do any plastic surgeries in order to correspond to beauty standards.

Many women nowadays waste their last sum of money to “invest” in their appearance trying to meet all demands of the society.

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