What do Jean Claude Van Damme’s wife and kids look like now?

How have Jean Claude’s wife and kids changed?

Jean Claude Van Damme took a great interest in oriental martial arts and there is no need to mention that he was highly praised and successful sportsman. He had traveled a lot and actively participated in various competitions. But there was also a period when the talented artist was interested in bullet. And during one of his sport competitions, he was noticed by representatives of film industry whom the sportsman greatly impressed. His sudden appearance on TV was nothing but a real sensation. He quickly became a true star and enjoyed the fame and popularity he gained due to his hard and diligent work. During his whole life, he had been married five times and had three wonderful kids.

His third wife gave birth to two kids whereas, later on, the spouses had some disagreements and scandals and, misfortunately, decided to get divorced. He married one more time, but, realized that there is one woman he needed most – his third wife. So after the divorce, the actor revitalized his relationship with the woman.

The older son of the artist, Christopher, holds the real surname of his father and already stars in some films.

His daughter, named Bianca, decided to take a nickname in order not to always be the center of attention everywhere she goes. But she, as her dad and brother, determined to become an actress.

The younger son of the actor was born during his fourth marriage. Now the handsome boy is already 24. Some time ago, he had some problems related to the law and the guy doesn’t share the desire to dedicate his life to the film industry.

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