Julia Roberts confessed what real ending the film “Pretty woman” was to initially have

Roberts confessed how the movie “Pretty woman” was to end

All of us probably remember the legendary and famous movie “Pretty woman” telling an interesting story about a girl who accidentally meets a very nice man starred by the actor Richard Gere. Whereas, things could have ended totally differently if the woman hadn’t fortunately encountered with such a gentle man.

During recent interviews, Roberts shared the details of the initial plot of the popular film which was to be rather terrible and tragic. According to the prior plot, the hero will throw Vivien Ward out of their car directly into a dirty alley.

But the film production was suddenly stopped and the actress had to leave. But the company “World Disney” decided to this idea and the director met Julia Roberts and offered to star in the movie.

According to the successful actress, she was glad that the initial idea hadn’t worked as she was more than sure she couldn’t star in a film with such a tragic ending.



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